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Set your message free

I help businesses create content and marketing materials that really speak.


I'm Helen

I help organisations write content for their websites, social media, brochures, case studies and advertising materials. I can help you find the perfect way to describe what you do and why customers should choose you.

With over 20 years of experience, I have written for all kinds of businesses and charities from golf resorts to sewing schools. My sweet spot, if I had to just choose one, is writing for technology companies because I am good at transforming complex ideas into clear explanations.

Need help finding the right words?



As a freelance copywriter, I write text and create compelling content for a wide range of applications including websites, brochures, flyers, instructions and much more.

marketing Consulting

Having set up and run marketing departments in small and large organisations I have a wealth of marketing experience to draw on. My work with clients nearly always goes beyond providing copy.

Graphic DESIGN

If you need help creating design for printed and digital marketing materials I can help.

What my clients say

Helen is an invaluable and essential member of our team, providing marketing consulting, design and copywriting as well as great wisdom in other areas of the charity. She has been pivotal in developing our core messaging and finding new ways to promote and grow our activities. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the business or charitable sectors.

Erik Castenskiold, CEO, Restored Lives

Clients include

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